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Did you realize that on the off chance that you’ve been included in an auto collision, you’re required by law to contact your insurance agency inside of 7 days of the occurrence? Moreover, the law obliges you to document an Application for Accident Benefits inside of 30 days of accepting the application, and lack of awareness of this time period may influence your privileges.

Did you additionally realize that you have just 120 days to inform the at fault driver of your aim to sue and just two years to record a claim against the at fault driver for your torment and enduring, lost wages and different costs and that missing this constraint period may be a big loss for your entire life.

Experience & Results You Can Trust

For many years Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton has spoken to a large number of mischance casualties and has effectively indicted roughly 12,000 genuine individual harm claims. We have done it all and seen it all, and have recuperated a huge number of dollars in the interest of casualties who have endured genuine individual wounds, for example, broken bones, torn ligaments, neck and back wounds, interminable agony, cerebrum harm, removals and spinal line damage; all of which may prompt changeless incapacities, a failure to work, and consistent torment and enduring.

Empathetic & Client-Focused Representation You Need

While the circumstances may appear to be overpowering, our experience permits us to recognize your best alternatives and help you with exploring the complex process. Our legal counselors assist you with beginning a case and guarantee you get the assistance you require amid your recuperation.

We’ll answer basic inquiries regarding your rights, for example,

Will I sue the driver who created the mishap?

Should I finish and sign the structures I’ve gotten via the post office sent from my insurance agency?

Should I counsel a legal advisor first?

And much more!

Battling for the Benefits you are entitled to

After a mishap, there are two unique claims that can be sought after. The principal case is against the at-fault party who brought about the mishap. This kind of case includes suing the at-fault driver(s) for torment and enduring, lost wages both past and future, human services costs both past and future, any out of pocket costs brought about and also any housekeeping and home support you may require.

The second sort of case is known as an Accident Benefits claim. Numerous individuals allude to “Mischance Benefits” as “No-Fault Benefits” for one straightforward reason – Accident Benefits are given to all gatherings included in a pile up regardless of deficiency; which means you could have either been the casualty or the reason for the mishap, despite everything you’re qualified for advantages.



Our law firm has broad experience exploring the legitimate framework. With the Personal Injury Lawyer Hamilton next to you, we battle for your entitlement to get the treatment and consideration you require. We realize your loss and so we won’t let you down. So contact us today and get claim back.

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